Support MIMO's KickStarter Project and help make his music global!

I have completed a new EP, a shorter album consisting of 5 tracks, and I need your help getting it out into the world.

After the release of my first album ‘GENERATION’ in March 2015 and other tracks I have released since then, I have learned a lot about the music industry. I have encountered a road block in that I have a created a product that I am proud of but I cannot get the music out into the general population. I am asking you to help me raise the funds to hire the right business partners to get my music out into the world. Help me make my music heard around the globe!

How I will spend the money:

I have budgeted 5,000 dollars to the hiring of a professional marketing and PR firm. The money raised will go directly to the procurement of the right business professionals. They will be in charge of the marketing plan for my EP's release, the distribution, album artwork and promotional plan. This will include the promotion to press, radio, record labels and other artists.

This is a vital step in the music industry and it cannot be overlooked.  With so many artists in today's society and the vast number of outlets to promote my music, it is critical to hire someone who is an expert and has the connections to help push me to the top.

Risks and challenges

It hasn’t been an easy road but I feel lucky to get up every day and live my dream of creating and sharing my music. There are countless professionals that go into recording, producing and releasing music. I have so much artistic energy and drive, but there are very real financial challenges. Capital is necessary to help eliminate the barriers of entry into the music industry.

Thank you to all of my fans, my friends and family who have supported me since I broke into the industry in 2011. From a young age I have had a love for music and a deep respect for the timeless artists who have pushed the envelope across all genres. Music has given me an outlet to discover my own sound and to share that creativity with the world. I am dedicated to taking musical risks and my passion to innovate pushes me every day. Whether playing live or producing my next EP, I look forward to sharing my creative journey with my fans and the music community. Thank you for your support.